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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

50th celebration scholarship

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of UWC and the 21st anniversary of the Polish National Committee, six Polish alumni of the UWCs and Colby College recently established the United Colby Scholarship: the first-ever scholarship supporting a Polish student attending a UWC that is fully funded by a specific group of Polish UWC alumni. Our aim is to inspire other Polish UWC alumni to give more generously in support of current and future Polish students pursuing a UWC education. We want to show our peers that the 150 Polish alumni are quite capable of making up the funding shortfall resulting from the financial straits of many UWCs.

This and next year, United Colby will donate US$ 3,000 per year to cover the co-payment needed for a Polish teenager to attend UWC Mahindra College in India. That teenager was selected last weekend by Poland UWC National Committee - She is 16-year-old Sonia from Brzesko Okocim near Cracow.

@PolishAlumni: The ball's in your court.

Post taken from the UWC extranet

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