UWC Mahindra College monthly newsletter

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Class of 2012 graduation

For the first time in the history of UWC Mahindra College, the graduating class was captured on video for your enjoyment. To all our alumni and to the parents of the Class of 2012, we hope this video provides a taste of the wonderful day we spent together.

I will be leaving the college at the end of this month to return to the UK to spend time with my mother. I will look back on my time in India with beautiful memories and many lessons learned and wish all the UWC community God's blessings in the years ahead.

Penny Fidler
Head of External Relations

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


A very big thank you to Malte Warburg Sorensen (alumnus) who donated to the new gap year project and Nitish Hemdani who donated to the scholarship fund.

We would also like to thank the parents of the Class of 2012 who so generously donated all or part of their children's caution money to the college scholarship fund.

Thank you!!

Celebrate with Action - UWC’s 50th anniversary

Wednesday 19 – Sunday 23 September 2012

UWC is celebrating its 50th anniversary in September!

UWC Atlantic College is starting the celebrations on Wednesday 19 September and the event will be streamed for all UWC alumni to see.

50th celebration scholarship

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of UWC and the 21st anniversary of the Polish National Committee, six Polish alumni of the UWCs and Colby College recently established the United Colby Scholarship: the first-ever scholarship supporting a Polish student attending a UWC that is fully funded by a specific group of Polish UWC alumni. Our aim is to inspire other Polish UWC alumni to give more generously in support of current and future Polish students pursuing a UWC education. We want to show our peers that the 150 Polish alumni are quite capable of making up the funding shortfall resulting from the financial straits of many UWCs.

This and next year, United Colby will donate US$ 3,000 per year to cover the co-payment needed for a Polish teenager to attend UWC Mahindra College in India. That teenager was selected last weekend by Poland UWC National Committee - She is 16-year-old Sonia from Brzesko Okocim near Cracow.

@PolishAlumni: The ball's in your court.

Post taken from the UWC extranet

In memory of Einat Tabori

Einat Tabori studied in UWC Mahindra College in the years 1999 – 2001. After graduating she volunteered in various NGO’s, worked with asylum seekers and refugees and was very active in the UWC Israeli national committee.

UWC Nordic photography contest

Congratulations to UWC Mahindra College who had 5 finalists out of the 10 chosen pictures and to Katja who won the April-May section of the contest with her unusual take on the Taj Mahal...

Student profile

Wanyi China - Class of 2012

Wanyi is from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China and started at UWC Mahindra College, India, in September 2010.

Alumni profile

Julie Zimbabwe - Class of 1999

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Julie was one of the MUWCI pioneers in 1997-1999. 

Reminiscences with the Class of 2000

Football team had a uniform
Faculty had cigarettes
Number of bow tied cafeteria workers increases to five