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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Head of College's message

For many generations of students here, the month of May on campus is like a magnesium flare – it burns fast and furious! 

Adding UWC flesh to the IB skeleton

It is increasingly difficult to maintain that all or most subject combinations within the IB necessarily lead to the fulfillment of the UWC mission.  While IB courses were supplemented, at Mahindra College, by additional courses and evening seminars this had been on an ad hoc basis. 

An in-principle decision was recently made by the colleges Head of Departments and then ratified by the faculty body to substitute the IB 7th subject option with a choice of evening courses on topics of broader UWC significance. These “UWC Courses” will be team-taught, be relevant to the furthering of the UWC mission, and be a mix (in different proportions) of theory and practice.

INCredible weekend, 2011

One hundred and twenty interviews over 3 days. The numbers were enough to make the then-approaching INC weekend seem just as exciting and hectic as it turned out to be. Over the weekend, Mahindra College saw many new faces; some wore hassled expressions on their faces while others seemed to love the place too much to be bothered by the challenges it was going to throw at them. In any case, while these zero years gathered to hear the Headmaster introduce them to the community, we, the student body, bustled around with lists and timetables, ready to take charge of the activities for the weekend.

Going bald for a cause

On 31 March 2011, students from Mahindra  College shaved their heads to raise awareness for cancer and HIV / AIDS. The event was a huge success as many students either shaved their heads or donated their hair, while many others were there to support those who were brave enough to lose it all.

Easter in the Czech Republic

So our main celebration starts on Monday, which is the only day off school and work. But the preparation for it starts days before - girls are starting to dye eggs or bake a cake in the shape of a lamb. It is traditional to use red ribbons, so we put them around the lamb's neck or anywhere.


Mahindra College offers its students voluntary participation in various events taking place locally. One of these is Open Space, a creative platform for students and citizens to explore, understand and initiate social change. It is a forum where people can express opinions and ideas of interest, read poetry, screen films, host a discussion group, or build a campaign. OS is also the place to meet and interact with (online and in person) writers, filmmakers, artists, activists and changemakers intrepid enough to believe that we can build a more equitable, sustainable world.


As we welcome our alumni to the newsletter readership, thanks to you all for being so responsive in getting lost or incorrect email IDs to us. We will be adding these to our group mailing lists in order for you to receive the newsletter on a monthly basis. If you know of anyone who did not receive the link please let us know.

Going bald for a good cause - Part 2

I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind and generous donations which have finally (mostly) been collected. So far we have raised a staggering amount of around Rs 20,000. This has been the result of an amazing effort so thank you all once again.


A record 1898 people viewed the newsletter from 4-7 April 2011.
The newsletter had 2690 hits last month and over 9000 hits since its conception in September 2010.

Mamma Mia

Like any musical Mahindra Colleges' version of Mamma Mia was presented as an ambitious extravaganza featuring a large cast, complex choreography and an exciting stage setting. This production cut costs a little and set a new benchmark for the idea of economy.  The budget was so low that this reviewer’s check of the receipts shows that there was change from 500 rupees. The costumes for example were a steal as, apparently, was the guitar.