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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Theatre Season 2011

‘Theatre Week’ was initiated by a member of faculty at Mahindra College several years back, and it immediately became a cherished tradition.

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Clare in the Butterfly Garden   
Bestia seemed a kaleidoscope of familiar stories reborn as a cautionary tale.

Agents of Conformity

“UWC… what is that?” I prodded my dad.

Akshara programme

Mahindra College is a host partner in implementing the Akshara programme. Being a non-profit organization with a goal of imparting top quality education to its own students makes it the logical centre for the programme.

Weekend hike

On Saturday, 19 February a bunch of 10 students were ready for the hike to Tikona fort. Even before the sleeping dust was rubbed out of our eyes we sat in the jeeps driving alongside the magnificent mountains of Mulshi valley.


On Monday, 28 February 2011 all faculty came together to wish goodbye to Louis Kalkumbe, who leaves UWC Mahindra College after 7 years of service as Head of the IT Department. IT, as everyone knows, is a thankless and stressful job! Dr Long thanked Louis for his continual support and good humour in carrying out his duties to ensure 24-hour connectivity for the college, among a long list of other things, and best wishes were extended to him in his future career in Pune.

IB Subject Specific Seminar, Brussels

The IBO organised a Subject Specific Seminar in Brussels for languages on 11 February 2011 which was attended by a large number of teachers from all over the world. This was an important event for many of the more uncommon language teachers as no workshops have been held for them in the past. This time the IBO organised generic workshops which gave a chance to these language teachers to get additional training in setting IB standards which is additionally important as IB schools will start teaching a new syllabus from August 2011. There are two main highlights to the syllabus change. Firstly, it will give some ownership to students by giving them a written assignment to do which will replace interactive orals and secondly, it will make multiculturalism the main centre of the syllabus.

Harendra Shukla
Faculty - Hindi

Cricket premier league tournament

The cricket tournament officially known as the MUWCI Premier League took place during the month of February.

Guests on campus

Mahindra College welcomed two guests this month, both of whom became familiar faces around campus, taking part in all the activities and leading some.

A few statistics

During the last month this is how the stats look for who's reading the newsletter....