UWC Mahindra College monthly newsletter

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Head of College's message

The College year came to an end yesterday in the joy and celebration of Graduation.  Like all transitions in life Graduation brings mixed emotions – the excitement of new opportunity and the sadness of farewell.  Graduation often feels like a conclusion – but it is also a staging post of a much longer journey.

Graduation Norwegian style

Dear Students,

You have probably seen Marius H and I walk around in our very nationalist red trousers?

The Trial of Socrates

As the climax of their epic reading of Plato's Republic, the Philosophy first years will be putting Socrates on trial. Accusations include: blaspheming against the state, blaspheming against the gods, and trying to instate himself as king. Badrul will play Socrates--G block will accuse and A block will defend him. We need a jury to decide whether he is innocent or guilty! Please come along to SPACE at 1.30 to listen to the trial and cast your vote. It will last an hour.

How did it end... more to come.

Liam Goodacre