UWC Mahindra College monthly newsletter

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Head of College's message

Your actions are shouting so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying!” So goes an old adage which reminds us of the importance of finding authenticity and integrity in our lives.

Project Week experiences

There is something from children that will always touch your heart.


Congratulations to Shivam who played the UP state finals in Varanasi last week in the under-18 shooting event, which now allows him to move on to the Indian nationals in December / January.

Diwali celebrations

Diwali is one of the most important festivals celebrated in India. It is celebrated on the darkest night of the year, which usually falls sometime in the beginning of November. Diwali, though, is the festival of lights.

Dummies' guide to becoming an agent of change

Mahindra College sets itself apart from the generic principles of UWCs with its own strongly worded Mission Statement: “Graduates are politically and environmentally aware agents of change, with a life-long commitment to seeking creative solutions to global, regional and local conflicts.”[1]

No shave November

In keeping with tradition November was no shave month (at least for the boys!)

Student film

The Untold of the Unknown

I am a first year student from Pune; before joining the college I studied at the Abhinava Vidyalaya High School up to 10th standard. I hadn't heard about UWC until my friend applied and, after talking to her and checking out the college website, I felt the IB curriculum and the philosophy, aims and objectives of the college were something I could relate to.

Who am I?

UWC Mahindra College welcomed Swami Govindananda, ex-Director of the Sivananda Ashram in Madurai, for two lectures on vedantic philosophy. Swamiji has trained many thousands of yoga teachers from all over the world over the last twenty years and has a world wide reputation for his wonderful generosity and enthusiasm.

Wada entertainment

In an attempt to spread awareness of those who are fighting for their lives after a series of disasters around the globe, with particular thought to the survivors of disasters in Indonesia and Vietnam, a series of performances were staged on consecutive nights in each of the four wadas, an initiative by Kevin, one of our Indonesian students.


Navratri, literally translates to “nine nights” and is, as the name implies, a celebration that lasts nine nights: nine for each of the nine forms of Durga, the Indian goddess of strength and the feminine creative force of the universe.

Football tournament

On Saturday 24 October, our football teams (both girls' and boys') participated in a tournament in Mumbai. We had to wake up at 4am in order to get to the school and have some breakfast before the first match. After some south Indian idli with sambar, we were ready to play.