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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reminiscences with the Class of 2000

Football team had a uniform
Faculty had cigarettes
Number of bow tied cafeteria workers increases to five
This yearbook is dedicated to the memory of our founding Chairman, Mr Harish Mahindra, who passed away on 4 December 1999.

This was the first year in the short life of the college when we started the year on time and not when the buildings were ready.

Student recollections
Don’t look back sadly,
Look up proudly
At the time when we all were
Fools on the Hill

To all the second years – you were the Pioneers, going where no one went before, source of first traditions, habit and even more… Suddenly you were no longer alone. New species came into your zone. Everything had to be shared, were you curious, nervous, scared?

Mahindra Mental Asylum.

I wish everyday was Christmas.

Mahindra UWC has brought a profound impact on my life and moral outlook.

We can start a tradition… immeasurable.

Unbearable hear, multi coloured hair, waiting outside cafeteria before time, broken glasses, fight for fruit, coffee break, first block drudgery, 1st block frustration, rats in the room, dysfunctional washing machines, plastic chairs, control fire that went out of control, unstable electricity, muwci bakery, college shop.

I remember the first day, the first Project Week, the trains, the buses, new friends, the smells, the first Delhi Belly, my room, my corner, the smokers’ corner (!), the World Cup, the problems, some solutions, the college meetings, some happy moments, sad moments, friends, people.
MUWCI is proud to accept students from over 70 countries and even other planets! I have the intention of studying.

Diana if you’ve been locked out that’s the work of forgetful me. Nima If someone lets you in that’s the work of sweet me. If you’re the ones who knock on other’s doors you are Jeesun and Luciana. It’s so ghetto. Shery stop combing your hair. Ann I’ll never forget your alarm clocks. Ngisi from Afreaka. Inga please wake me up before you live the room Carla. Estrogen House. Dear Mum, if one more Dane moves into this house then I’m coming home for Xmas. Shrine of the omnipresence of Marja’s mother. The song of the monsoon, “one frog’s morning”. Only highly placed boys. If I had a hammer. Turn on my life please. Eggy birthday. Wannabee rugby stars. Female covalent bonding. We have pig problem. Don’t measure me by my size… I’m so cool and make the girls drool! There’s enough to do otherwise forget academics. I eat therefore IB. High on milk since my cows are on grass. Location 10L Species Computer HL Nerd. Guys someone has to clean the courtyard sometime. Does anyone have any food Goran. Biggest frustration – gym equipment that’s on the way. You never know when someone may catch a dream from you. I’m not responsible trust me. Global Affairs – Discussions, News And emptiness in the middle to think about it. In spite of the massive presence of British flags we reiterate that this mess was the European evening. The food was amazing as usually. Especially all the hair you left there Lesley  Things disappear and she let them go.  Eat, live, rest in between. Am I a native speaker..? I am a confused child. Wake up Emily, pssst, Emily, Emily, Emily…. Viva el Peru carajo. Salem from the Kazakh, I’m Victoria, what to do? Always hungary and asking for THEPLAS. Her alarm clock. My God she wakes up everyone but herself! Non stop CD player Nirja She conquers my corner Clarine I’d say we taste a little like chicken. Ya ya I just roam around a bit. Thought I could organize freedom.. how Scandinavian of me. It’s finally over@! Whew… wasn’t orientation last week or sumethin? Mathematics doesn’t work here. Martin hobbies, horse riding, knitting, going to Jaisalmer… Markus  Now I know all the love ballads on earth by heart. Annamalai Had a nice time in fighting as well as arguing about small funny issue. What is life without a UWC experience? Where else can you 5 man in a small tent in the rain and call it fun? Soccer is helpful in distracting you from the boring academic activities and freeing yourself from stress and derivates. It contributes also in maintaining you sort of fit and gives you some skills in wasting your time. Oscar Wilde quotes! Education is the most important thing at Mahindra – no matter in which way it comes. Wada one, two, three, four and Puuuuuune are all words that bring back memories of all colours and emotional stages in a life, led on the top of a beautiful hill in India. Nainvi  addicted to human anatomy. April  Overuse of hair gel. Emily  Wanted for painting, laughing, hippy, cripple, shrew hunting. Orsi  wanted for over consumption and abuse of Frosties & Twinings Earl Grey. Gauri  I have so much work I’ll do it later.  I patriotic what? Yugoslanaviaaaaa! How hot will it get?  If you come by our wada we’d be delighted if you drop in. We’d probably be asleep though. Mantho  Who cleaned my corner? Liga as usual! New love was kind but in the end IB, EE, lab reports were stronger Paulooo Dear Cyrus & Sharada, you two people are like to water lilies opening side by side each showing your golden heart. Theatre week Capt Alok… Capt Alok… we really need… Apt Alok sorry but once again we really need. Light… where the hell are the light guys? I really need a cigarette… does anyone have a cigarette? You’re 15 min late for rehearsals… its only a week to our performance and we really cannot afford to…! Don’t you think its time for a little something. It’s the first time we’re all four in one page, we do many things together for the first time. Sad, play on a flute! Then everything gets better. Francesca food flutes. Don’t let school interfere with your education. I have an attitude and I know how to use it. Xan remember run down the hill today, fruits & vegetables only, try to enjoy it! Did I miss first block Nadia? When u enter House 8R in Wada 4 u might not be able to use the door as it is generally jammed. So if u really need to enter use the window! Hehe safety mechanism, I love myself! My second home Library Kaska Visions, this place enhances all kinds of illusions. Dreams, they just become clearer here. Fantasies, hahaha! That’s it.. forever and ever. Boom Shiva? Why not… Oscar  Never stop dreaming.

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