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Monday, October 24, 2011

Focus on Triveni

In the Triveni Team’s attempt to revamp the Triveni system this year, we have created a blog. The main reason for this is to overcome the perpetual fear that all students have about the IB requirement to ‘reflect’ on CAS.

The vagueness surrounding the term ‘reflection’ has created an air of discomfort among the student body and the Triveni team has taken on the task of addressing this by setting up concrete monthly reflection goals.

The blog creates a creative space in which all Trivenis can post their reflections, in whichever form they wish: video, text, photographs etc. Their task in September was to create mission statements for their activities, with their short and long term plans. In October, they will each create 2 minute videos that express their learning from a series of workshops that have been held on campus.

In an atmosphere like this, the Triveni blog is an opportunity to showcase our community’s creativity, and we are all excited to see what comes out of this new forum.

To read the blog...  There are various ways to navigate: scrolling through gives quite a random overview, the buttons at the top give access to activities by CAS area, and the sidebar has links to posts by individual activities.

Triveni department

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