UWC Mahindra College monthly newsletter

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Head of College's message

Welcome from the Head of College

Visiting the rural villages in the valley last week, where our students engage with our local community, made me fully aware of the incredible opportunity and obligation we have as a UWC. 

Survey results

Thank you to all the people from a wide section of the UWC community who took the time and trouble to complete the survey which went out with last month's newsletter. Although the numbers were small, we were able to gauge your opinions with the help of Google Surveys! Yeh for Google!

Results do confirm your acceptance of the newsletter in its existing form and comments were supportive and positive. Ideas to include different articles will try to be accommodated and we will try to provide more photos, though this is always a big challenge; getting just some of the millions of photos that are taken each month uploaded onto a common drive so we can all share them! I'll do my best.....

You can review the results of the survey here. When you can see the spread sheet, if you go to the drop down horizontal menu and click on Form and then Show summary of responses you will get the information in chart form which is easier to read.

Penny Fidler
Head of External Relations / Webmaster


A very big thanks to Dr Julie Taylor, Pioneer Class of 1999, who donated a matching gift to help sponsor a Zimbabwean (or otherwise African) student.

We would also like to recognize all members of the community who, in eating one simple dinner per week (austerity dinner), allow the difference in cost of the meal to support our scholarship fund.

Your gifts help UWC Mahindra College to arrive at its vision target of welcoming 100% scholarship students.

Thank you!

GAP year opportunities

UWC Mahindra College welcomed Kevin Morley, the Head of GAP year projects in UWCSEA, during the month of January.

Learning through extending our resources

In February 2011 on a campus roof top a small group of students gathered and started to plot; soon after, the Climb Committee was born.