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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Gomukh Organic Farmer’s Market

Gomukh farm is part of the GORUS farming cooperative that promotes organic farming in the Kolvan valley of Maharashtra, India. A number of students from the college walk down to work here on a weekly basis, and have been doing so for over a year now.

Previously, the only way that students and staff on campus could buy produce from Gomukh was by ordering a basket containing a fixed quantity of various fruits and vegetables. A large number of students were enthusiastic about purchasing organic, locally grown food. A lot of them, however, found this system quite inconvenient since the hectic schedule of an average student does not always guarantee enough time to cook one’s meals several times a week.

The Gomukh Farmer’s Market was the perfect solution! To allow as many people on campus as possible to be a part of the organic movement, it was decided that a weekly market would be held at our college through which students and staff alike could buy as much Gomukh produce as their hearts desired.

The first session of the farmer’s market was held on 6 April 2012. The produce sold included wholegrain rice, fruit, cottage cheese, lentils, and of course, plenty of freshly harvested vegetables. With music playing softly in the background, and the bounty of the earth in crates around the art centre, the residents on campus were able to take their pick of organic products.
Every Friday evening a vehicle from Gomukh loaded with fresh produce arrives on campus to provide members of the community with their weekly supply of sustainably grown fruit and vegetables. Freshly baked wholegrain bread and dried chikoos are quickly becoming a favourite among students. 

In future markets there will be live music, art installations, and cooking demonstrations. Anyone interested in organic farming can learn a great deal through a conversation with Ashwin, the owner of Gomukh farm, who is usually on campus at the market.

The health benefits of eating organic, locally grown food are endless, as are the positive effects on the environment and towards the local farming community. Because of its sustainable nature, organic farming is a sure step towards conservation of the planet. Supporting this movement in such a way is thus an embodiment of UWC ideals and values.

Tanvi Class of 2013



  1. This is really fantastic! congrats on setting this up.
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