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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Speeding up

The video below will give you some idea of the pace of life on campus these last 2 months!! Things were so hectic we didn't even manage to send out the February newsletter (sorry for this!) as it coincided with our Travel Week and everyone ran off for 10 days to get some Indian experiences that our isolated campus does not allow.

Along with Theatre Season, Linking dinner, IAs, EEs and TOK deadlines, Popular Culture and Nuclear age evening courses, Teach for India workshops, 2 chill at the pool evenings, cooking competitions, film and photo workshops, exhibitions and showings, the annual dance show, music concert on campus and in Pune, visits by our partner NGOs for Project Weeks, the Dutch Hilversum school visit, Sanni's father who did a workshop on his work in prisons, Liam's friend, Jessie Seiler, a development worker from Senegal, who gave a lecture on development work and the Kony 2012 phenomenon, shaving heads to support a local NGO, as well as the 80+ Trivenis currently taking place on a weekly basis, phew .... there's hardly time to think! To top it all the temperature has soared leaving us all smokin' hot and gasping for breath........

Interestingly we had 5 page visits from the Dominican Republic last month!? Anyone know anything about this?

Hope you like the fun film below that was lovingly prepared in record time by our very own Oscar, alumnus, Biology / ESS teacher, photo club coordinator, Alix's partner, and many more valuable things that we are grateful for.....

Penny Fidler
Head of External Relations / Webmaster


  1. I'm glad my online presence is noted :) I'm guessing I'm the visitor from the Dominican Republic. I've been working here for a year, and there are two other UWCers in the same town as mine, one from LPC and another from AH. Anyway, all my MUWCI friends and I absolutely loved the video, and I get back to India in July, so I'm looking forward to being involved once again with the National Committee and with MUWCI in any way I can. My best to everyone on the hill!

    Ria ('03-05)

  2. How very nice Ria and hope to see you on campus soon then......