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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's new?

I am delighted to announce the following appointments for the 2012 - 13 academic year. 


A new position to further the UWC mission and promote our engagement with and learning of UWC values. The Head of UWC Learning will work collaboratively with students and faculty, Head of Studies, Head of Triveni, Wada Parent Coordinator and Wada Parents. They will work with and advise the Head and Deputy Head of College.


A new / renewed position to coordinate the work of Wada Parents, whose role will be expanding to promote our engagement with and learning of UWC values and to further the UWC mission.


To work closely with students in the wadas the following individuals, appointed as Wada Parents and Assistant Wada Parents, will be responsible for individual wadas and part of the Wada Parent team. Their primary role will be to ensure that students in their wada specifically and in the college in general gain the most value from their time at the college. They are responsible for day-to-day administration and for ensuring the health and safety of students in their wada, on and off campus. Their willingness to take on this role is greatly appreciated.

Wada 1: Subarna & Hritik Sampat
Wada 2: Kermeen & Parag Mehta
Wada 3: Sarita Wadhawan and Ainhoa Orensanz / assisted by Paola González Leal (Wada 3 is the largest wada)
Wada 4: Zia Pochkhanawala / assisted by Arvin Dang
Wada 5: Alix Petter & Oscar Akerberg

Vineeth Mullappilly will join the Wada 5 faculty team.


The following individuals are appointed as Head of Department.

Group 1: Douglas Arnwine
Group 6: Nandita Dinesh


Usha Rajaram as Head of Group 1 and Swati Das as Wada Parent have relinquished their responsibilities but will continue with their academic responsibilities and supporting the Triveni programme. They are sincerely thanked for their hard work and commitment.

Ben Clark, Gauri Buhre, Penny Fidler and Sindhu Ramachandran will be leaving the college at the end of this year and we will show our appreciation and say goodbye at an appropriate point.


Ryan Murphy will teach Environmental Systems and Manage the Biodiversity Reserve. Ryan is Canadian and a former student of Pearson UWC. He has a BSc in Biochemistry and an MSc in Biology and has managed the Race Rocks reserve at Pearson College. We believe will bring new energy and vision to the Biodiversity Project. Raisa Mirza is a Canadian who will join Ryan and work part time in the area of Communications and Development. Ryan and Raisa will marry in August 2012.

Vinay Jawarhar will teach History and Mathematics. Vinay is a graduate of UWC Mahindra College, Middlebury and Princeton and will join the college community. His wife, Malika Anand, also a former student of UWC Mahindra College, has a strong background in Community Development, and we hope she will support our efforts with Akshara / Triveni  on a voluntary basis.

Kelly Van Andell, is from the USA and has degrees from the USA and a PhD from Glasgow University. She will assume the position of Guidance Counselor and will teach English.

Henning Gartner is a Norwegian literary and theatre critic, currently on a Fullbright scholarship and he will teach English.

Manasi Ghanekar is an Indian from Pune who will be a part time Dance teacher for the IB and will help with other dance activities.

We wish all our new faculty members a great time at UWC Mahindra College!

Pelham Lindfield Roberts
Head of College

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