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Sunday, April 1, 2012

For what its worth...

A critique of the offerings in this year’s Theatre Season.....

I’m not a theatre critic and not much given to reading critics either.  However, it seems only fair, after so much work and dedication by so many, that some written feedback should be forthcoming, hence these appreciative reviews. There is criticism here too, though, because one important feature of the theatre season is its potential as a learning ground: an active forum of questioning, skill development and creative experiment. Theatre Season this year was better than it’s ever been. Fifteen productions took place over the course of a packed month of plays and the variety of offerings took in everything from psychodrama to community theatre, from the experiential to the experimental and from classic high drama to improvisation competitions. Especially impressive this year was the amount of plays written by students themselves and the smooth interaction of this huge event with the ongoing academic life of the college – completion of TOK, EE and World Literature papers all due at around the same time. This bears witness to the dedication of students and the appreciation by faculty of the value of this tradition at this college. Long may it continue to be the unique and powerfully enriching festival of creativity, humour, challenge and vision that it has become.

Benedict Clark
Head of Aesthetics

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