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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Impro Luchas - theatre season 2012

Just in case Theatre Season should pass by untouched by the world of glamorous hype and celebrity culture, Impro Luchas was here to make up for it. 

The quality was necessarily mixed, however the teams that emerged victorious towards the final stages raised the standard of improvisation on campus to new heights. In particular William, Katrine and Caner warmed to their task with obvious relish and creative flare, reducing the audience to paroxysms of laughter. And Rolando, Michael and Connor were also very good at saying ‘Yes’! With Guillaume and Brenda adding laughs and tumult. It was brilliant fun and a great bout of ribaldry for the season as a whole. Thanks are due to Il Kapitano and his crew for the four-week string of events.

Benedict Clark
Head of Aesthetics

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