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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Student profile

Maria Victoria Venezuela Class of 2012

Favourite quote: “It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.” - Gabriel García Márquez

Hobbies: Writing, walking, hiking, swimming

Languages: Spanish, English & a little French

Why did you choose UWC Mahindra College?: Out of all the options, I thought if I was going to have a UWC experience it should be the furthest away from what I had experienced up until now. I had finished school before I came here and I wanted to do something not only academic (as I already had my high school diploma) before going to college but also learn English, mixing the cultural exchange with the language.

What do you like best about the college?: I appreciate that we are getting an education and cultural experiences but we are also at the age when we need to learn personal responsibility. I think the freedom we have in our residential context on campus, along with being able to travel on our own during Travel Week, gives us the opportunity to face these challenges and responsibilities that come with this freedom. I don’t think I would have been given these opportunities in a regular learning environment and MUWCI gives us the liberty to sculpt our own individual and unique UWC experience.

What were your most challenging moments in the college?: Towards the end of the first year I started to feel very home sick which was surprising as I thought this would happen at the beginning of the year. But ironically I also started to feel nostalgic as I felt half of my UWC experience was already over. The holidays however set me back on track and I was glad to come back refreshed. I did find it a little overwhelming coping with the speed of the lifestyle here, not only cultural but the general UWC intensity which goes on 24/7, but that was really what I was looking for when I applied so I had to learn how to manage and enjoy this.

What are your hopes for your future?: I am not yet sure but I remember when I went back home a friend told me that nothing I would experience in the future would match what I have experienced here during these last two years but I am keen to prove her wrong.

What is your wish for the future of UWC Mahindra College?: I hope that all the students who come after me will learn as much as I have done and that the diversity increases. I hope that any changes made in the college are introduced in such a way that the spirit of the college is preserved while a balance of tradition and innovation is maintained.

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