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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

IB Subject Specific Seminar, Brussels

The IBO organised a Subject Specific Seminar in Brussels for languages on 11 February 2011 which was attended by a large number of teachers from all over the world. This was an important event for many of the more uncommon language teachers as no workshops have been held for them in the past. This time the IBO organised generic workshops which gave a chance to these language teachers to get additional training in setting IB standards which is additionally important as IB schools will start teaching a new syllabus from August 2011. There are two main highlights to the syllabus change. Firstly, it will give some ownership to students by giving them a written assignment to do which will replace interactive orals and secondly, it will make multiculturalism the main centre of the syllabus.

Harendra Shukla
Faculty - Hindi

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