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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guests on campus

Mahindra College welcomed two guests this month, both of whom became familiar faces around campus, taking part in all the activities and leading some. First to arrive was Martin Cadée who is currently taking a sabbatical break from a range of interesting projects and was on campus for a couple of weeks. 
Martin has recently co-founded an international school for young entrepreneurs in The Netherlands (www.knowmads.nl).  Previously, he was academic advisor at a liberal arts college - where he first came into contact with UWC students. He has worked in the department of Philosophy at Utrecht University and in the fields of organizational development, sustainability, cultural diversity, world view education, physical geography and wilderness education. His workshop “Are you ready to change the game?”  - Exploring learning for a better future where the idea(l) of educating change agents, both experiential and in some good old talking. was explored was well attended and greatly appreciated. What does it take to 'change the game'? What does this mean for education? Martin shared some of his experiences and thoughts on this issue from recent wilderness journeying and establishing a school for young rebel / idealist entrepreneurs.

Second came Andrew Hepworth who has worked in both UWC Swaziland and UWC Norway in their outdoor education programmes and is currently based at Edinburgh University where he is completing his Masters in Outdoor Education.

Andrew came to carry out a placement as part of his course - but his presence was felt everywhere, as he shared his experience and expertise around adventure, outdoor education and experiential learning. His first attempt at constructing a Greenlandic kayak out of bamboo and covered with plastic sheeting has yet to be tested in water but thrilled all those who helped out.

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