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Sunday, August 28, 2011

You know you're in MUWCI when

You know you are in MUWCI when:

Sleep is not anymore part of your lexicon
When friends become family
When the space is not too far
When you find out that even the brain can get sour
When rat is no longer a nick name for ratori but actually an extra roommate
When you need to climb up a hill to get internet
When magi becomes a proper meal
When people are getting collectively bald
When you are equally likely to lose your camera as your virginity
When you have lice
When tomorrow is already today
When you have 10 pairs of socks which are combination of 20 lost pairs
When different sorts of flora become a clothes drying system
When you can hear the Malaysians everywhere. what? kiren and neal's laugh..  
When you find your underwear in the laundry machine with someone else's clothes
When you have a specific set of clothes for holi, mad games and AQ lock down
When you find your chapels on someone else feet. Or maybe only one of them
When tests become fun
When coffee is a stimulant not a drink
When in your shower regularly stands- shampoo, soap, lotion, frog
When you hear the same argument ten times but in different accents. … and they still don't agree
When in a cricket competition there is, the driver's team, cockers, guards, students, faculty and the white team
When you discover how many people can fit into cars, bus and your bed
When 10 people can eat one pasta with fork and one chopstick
When you interact more with local animals then local people
When sometimes you feel like you live in a post card
When mom is a synonym for sally
When you are fifth in a line to a broken printer 5 minutes before IA is due
When the common fridge literary become common
When you clean a pot with a sponge that is probably more dirty then the pot itself
When in any important announcement tika will walk in
When you can't leave your room because there is a monkey outside
When you and your roommate hang out by accident in someone else's courtyard
When a stain on your dress doesn't really matter anymore
When you only use your iron for your graduating dress and physics tests
When you wear more of other people clothes then your own
When you see more wedgies then you ever want to see in your life again
When your birthday cake becomes a community cake
When a party consist of more than 10 people
When you shout at your roommate to turn off the music and then realize it is coming from the valley
When you fall asleep on top of all sorts of books and in all sorts of positions
When formal occasions means wearing shoes and underwear
When you facebook chat with the person you sit next to you in class
When a fire in the valley actually means that you need to go and put it out
When packages from home can make up for anything that happens. No matter what state the chocolate is in
When you hear don't touch me every time a power cut happens
When a free block is another word for sleeping in the library or triveni office
When you can bitch about people next to you in your own language
When the AQ pond becomes a free fishy pedicure
When you get to the legendary tree on mount Wilkinson and find out it’s actually bush
When you use your hands to say if you agree or not

Osnat & Sophie Class of 2011

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  1. Oh man, biggest let down ever- Hiking all the way up with George at midnight and finding out it's a bush and not a tree.