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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cricket premier league tournament

The cricket tournament officially known as the MUWCI Premier League took place during the month of February. The pools were decided as below.



The tournament started off on 3 February 2011 with one of the best clashes (this is student for match!), the clash between the goras and the students' team. A much talked about match which created heat waves on both sides. The goras were captained by Lasse while the other side was headed by Harish. The match ended with the students winning by a huge margin of 80 runs and a warm handshake between both opponents. The second match held on 4 February between the gardeners and the maintenance staff ended with victory going along the side of the gardeners. On 5 February the match between the goras and security was concluded by security winning with ample wickets in hand. On the same day, the students had their match with the maintenance which resulted in the defeat of the latter, with the students chasing the target within half of the overs played. Such was the enthusiasm that even on a Sunday morning matches began at 8:30 am! 

That day the gardeners went on against the security but expectedly the security turned out to be one of the strongest teams in the tournament. 10-11 February turned out to be demanding for the student team as they had matches on both days with no rest period in between. Unfortunately, the student team, which was expected to make the semi-finals, was edged out when it lost both these matches with a close end result against the gardeners and the security. So eventually the survivors of Pool A were the gardeners and the security who advanced into the semi-finals.


The start of Pool B matches began on 5 February with the faculty playing against the kilao pilao (more commonly known as Sodexo). The latter came up with an easy victory over the faculty; the faculty team was not at its full strength as some of the players were not able to be present at the venue. The second match on the same date was between the Akshara team and the drivers, with the drivers completely dominating the Akshara team by a huge margin. The 6 February was a hectic day for the match officials with 2 matches on the same day. The first match was faculty against the drivers that was pretty interesting as both teams tied neck and neck but the drivers just edged over the faculty to win the match. The second match between the Akshara and khilao pilao teams where once again the khilao pilao team showed its dominance. The next match decided which team would be entering the semi-finals with khilao pilao. The drivers won by a good net-run rate that allowed them to beat the faculty team. So it was the drivers and khilao pilao in the semi-finals.

The last stage

The semi-final was set up: khilao pilao versus the gardeners while the drivers went on to beat security. The khilao pilao team continued to show its strength, not in terms of quality of food, but this time in terms of hitting the ball. It surpassed the gardeners with great ease. On the other hand the drivers, who were the holders of this cup last year, had a tough time saving their cup but finally they overcame their bowling problems and went on into the finals. 

The final came with all hopes on the Sodexo team. Dr Long was the chief guest along with Sue, and their pet dog was also there to watch and entertain itself. The last match started off with some poor fielding coming from the Sodexo side and good batting from their opponents. Moreover, when Sodexo went to bat, Suraj saved them from a complete whitewash. Soon the tail-enders also derailed with the drivers reclaiming what really belonged to them, the winning cup. They won the match by 17 runs and the sounds of applause and rejoicing celebrated this special victory.

When the applause was over the prize distribution started with Sandeep (faculty) and Jai (Sodexo) sharing the ‘Man of the Tournament’ award and Santosh (Sodexo) walking away with the 'Man of the Match award. It really was a great tournament and lots of fun.


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