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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wada entertainment

In an attempt to spread awareness of those who are fighting for their lives after a series of disasters around the globe, with particular thought to the survivors of disasters in Indonesia and Vietnam, a series of performances were staged on consecutive nights in each of the four wadas, an initiative by Kevin, one of our Indonesian students.

Wada 3 on Monday 1 November hosted Mark doing a clown dance, Laura singing "Imagine", Margit playing a Norwegian folk song on her violin, and Keven doing a traditional Indonesian dance.

Wada 1 on Tuesday had Trusha doing a Bollywood dance, Isis singing, Pearl reading a poem, and Emilio telling jokes.

Wada 4 on Wednesday was the setting for Trans, Linh and Chi to perform their Vietnamese dance and song, Singh and Andres performed a musical duet, Sanni sang, Osnat juggled, and Bimla and Diccha did a Nepalese traditional dance.

Finally, Wada 2 on Thursday hosted Taimu and the Japanese Club doing a Japanese dance, Toni and Mark performing a theatrical piece, Eun Ji singing, Volha, Margo, Kevin, Sanni, Apoorva and Jason (on guitar) performing an Indonesian folk song, and the "Latinos" showed us all how to dance with a partner!

Donations were requested and totalled around Rs 8000. It was a wonderful opportunity to highlight the students' various talents whilst generating awareness and providing some assistance to those in need.

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