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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Student film

The Untold of the Unknown

I am a first year student from Pune; before joining the college I studied at the Abhinava Vidyalaya High School up to 10th standard. I hadn't heard about UWC until my friend applied and, after talking to her and checking out the college website, I felt the IB curriculum and the philosophy, aims and objectives of the college were something I could relate to.

After finishing my 10th standard exams, and before the college academic year began, some friends and I had lots of time on our hands. Being interested in acting and creative writing I began to formulate an idea for a short film based on the lives of three street children. My fascination with street life and people who find opportunities in adversity fuelled my motivation. So, with no formal training in the subject, and after the script was prepared, we set out to act out and put the film together. It was a first for everyone. We worked on a trial-and-error basis. Perhaps that is what made the film so special. Apart from script writing, directing, editing and acting, I learned other valuable things like the value of team work and respect for each others’ talents.

The result is The Untold of the Unknown, a one-hour film which has three protagonists: an abandoned girl child having spent all of her childhood on the streets, Rinki sells gajras at the signals; stranded from his family after a riot, Bashir earns his bread by working as a waiter in a small restaurant; and a young boy, Ishaan, has recently lost his parents and as a result of that entire trauma runs away from his aunt’s. Destiny brings the three of them together, and the street becomes their daily business. Looking for a way to escape the depression he is facing, and wanting to start a new life, Ishaan begins to write short stories using everyday happenings as his plots and the people he sees on the street as his characters. This creativity inspires the other two, who have not tasted the fruits of education and literacy, to encourage him to sell his book. ‘The Untold of the Unknown’ is the journey of these three children on a road to achieve for each other and enjoy with each other.

After its première on 15 August 2010 at the National Film Archives of India, Pune, the film looks like a tiny sapling set to grow.


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