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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Head of College's message

Welcome from the Head of College

Visiting the rural villages in the valley last week, where our students engage with our local community, made me fully aware of the incredible opportunity and obligation we have as a UWC. 

Nelson Mandela, refers to the Bantu term “Ubuntu” to express this opportunity. It means becoming human through the humanity of others. Emanuel Kant expresses it in another way stating, “Der Mensch kann nur Mensch werden durch Erziehung” “humans can only become human through education”. Perhaps this is the core purpose of a UWC education, to bring the humanity of others to the attention of our students. Empowering our students with knowledge, understanding and skills to give them the capacity to make a difference through their lives is an important task, but we must also engage our students in what Kurt Hahn called their “age of idealism”, with the humanity of others.

Atlantic College was founded 50 years ago and this September, throughout the UWC movement, we will celebrate this anniversary. At UWC Mahindra College we are engaged in deciding how we will mark this occasion. It will certainly involve a celebration of the past and we are busy restoring the photographic record of our first 15 years but, much more importantly, it must involve a look forward to our next 15 years and the next 50 years for the UWC as a whole.

We encourage our students to ask and we must ask ourselves a fundamental question about our very existence because if we take our existence for granted, we risk complacency, self-contentment and stagnation. Returning to the UWC family and joining UWC Mahindra College, seeing our students working in the valley and meeting young people from our local communities, who have been given the opportunity to have a UWC education, confirms my belief in the fundamental importance of our existence.

These are exciting times at UWC Mahindra College. There is a great sense of purpose and a desire to develop the academic education of the IB in much more meaningful ways with the unique opportunities we have, such as our Akshara Program, the Biodiversity Reserve, and our Triveni of Creativity, Action and Service in which our students discover the value of our world and the humanity in others. With the commitment, engagement and capacity of our faculty and students and the input of the Board, the Indian National Committee and more than1000 former students, we have the opportunity to truly make education a force for peace and a sustainable future. In this anniversary year we enthusiastically ask for your participation in celebrating the past and contributing to the future.

Pelham Lindfield Roberts
Head of College

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