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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yerang - South Korea Class of 2012

Favourite quote: "When you love you should not say, God is in my heart, but rather, I am in the heart of God." Khalil Gibran

Hobbies: Playing piano and flute and listening to music, drawing, making jewelry, socializing with my friends

Languages: Korean & English, learning French

Why did you choose UWC Mahindra College: To experience diversity and get to know people from different places, to become independent both academically and in my life. I thought I was independent when I came here but being here was a reality check for me. I also like the location of the college and I really wanted to be in the countryside and I have learned so many things from this environment. I am now more relaxed and find it so different from life in the city.

It has taught me how to live in a different way which I find unique here and I also like the fact that the ratio of students and faculty is small.

What do you like best about UWC Mahindra College: Being forced to be independent. Having freedom brings responsibility which I am learning to deal with and this in an important factor in my life as I have to be independent anyway but I feel I am now ready for this challenge. I feel I can now go anywhere without the support of my family. I feel I can do anything.

What were your most challenging moments in UWC Mahindra College: For me it was really difficult to talk to people because of my cultural background which does not encourage people to speak out. It’s interesting to be in an environment where one is encouraged to express one’s opinions, especially in the classroom. Also English was a big challenge for me. I think in English but it’s difficult to express my thoughts in the academic context still.

What are your hopes for your future: I hope South Korean students will feel better about themselves with more diversity and freedom and not stressed about their academic future. Students hardly have any time to spend with their families. I have not experienced this situation personally as I didn’t go to high school in South Korea but I see the effect it is having on my friends. I hope the government can improve the educational system. For myself my dream is to travel all over and experience many different things, learning to see things from many different perspectives. I would also like to study art.

What is your wish for the future of UWC Mahindra College: I would like to see more interaction between local people and students, first and second year students and between students and faculty. More Middle Eastern students would be nice too to add to the diversity.

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