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Monday, October 24, 2011


MUWCI.tv was started last school year by the college Film Club in order to create and share videos with a greater audience.

It also serves to try and promote UWC Mahindra College while archiving footage for alumni and current students. Since then it has developed into a larger project, inciting the  film club to work hard to create better standards and more professional projects. The website now has reachedfurther than our initial goal of simply providing for current students which is shown by the number of countries that have viewed our website so far.As of mid October MUWCI.tv has been viewed from 67 countries worldwide! Here are some of the statistics we have gathered:

Total countries: 67 including:

Belgium (30 views)
South Korea (38) Moonsoo's fan base
Singapore (8)
Guatemala (7)
and Algeria (3) wow

Countries with most visits:

India (obviously) (2,334)
USA (426)
UK (128)
Germany (96)
Norway (69)

Country who spent longest average time on site:

Switzerland (3 hours 14 minutes) good job Meret!
Italy (2 hours 6 minutes)

Most page views per visit:

Thailand (11.46 pages/visit) woo!

Second most used language on site:


Most random country to visit yet:

Bahrain (2) really?

The MUWCI tv team

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