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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Going bald for a cause

On 31 March 2011, students from Mahindra  College shaved their heads to raise awareness for cancer and HIV / AIDS. The event was a huge success as many students either shaved their heads or donated their hair, while many others were there to support those who were brave enough to lose it all.

Originating from an event organised in 2008 by our college students, it seemed only logical to continue the legacy in order to unite the college once more for a common cause.

Contrasting from a group of 20 girls in 2008, this year there were a mix of boys and girls: some who cut their hair short, some who shaved their heads and some who donated long locks of hair. In total 13 locks of hair were collected which will be sent to an organisation in the United States called “Locks of Love” who manufacture wigs for children under the age of 21 who have lost their hair to disease.

This event originally took place to support those suffering from cancer as half of the donations will be going to the Deep Griha Society in Pune, a charitable organisation where much work is also undertaken to help those living in the slums of the local area. We are hoping that through this fundraising we will be to build a more positive and stronger relationship with the Deep Griha Society as well as support their cause with our fund raising efforts. Through a local initiative, we will hopefully be able to see where exactly the money will be used within the organisation.

Link to the event in 2008:


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