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Thursday, May 5, 2011

INCredible weekend, 2011

One hundred and twenty interviews over 3 days. The numbers were enough to make the then-approaching INC weekend seem just as exciting and hectic as it turned out to be. Over the weekend, Mahindra College saw many new faces; some wore hassled expressions on their faces while others seemed to love the place too much to be bothered by the challenges it was going to throw at them. In any case, while these zero years gathered to hear the Headmaster introduce them to the community, we, the student body, bustled around with lists and timetables, ready to take charge of the activities for the weekend.

Throughout campus, student volunteers led interviewee groups around campus – some to their faculty interviews, some to the less intimidating “fun sessions” at the Social Centre and some, including understandably curious parents, on long campus tours. All of a sudden, there seemed to be a sense of pride associated with campus as we advertised our best facilities and features while answering questions that ranged from trivial to meaningful to outright amusing with a certainty gathered from personal experience. 

Eventually, from fake identities in the academic area that ultimately drove some unsuspecting interviewees into splits of laughter before their interviews, to games involving underwear colour and toilet paper at the Social Centre, the student body did a more-than-sufficient job of sharing the “MUWCI-culture” with prospective zero years and their parents while easing the interview tension over the weekend, and certainly had a blast in the process! 

Alumni who participated in the INCredible weekend were: Class of 2000 - Bhavika Shah, Class of 2002 -
Rohan Agarwal, Tarun Jagwani, Anmol Tikoo, Class of 2003 - Akshay Gupta


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