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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Graduation Norwegian style

Dear Students,

You have probably seen Marius H and I walk around in our very nationalist red trousers?

In Norway the year you graduate high school you dress up in these clothes and have a lot of fun from around 1 May till 17 May. It all ends this day because it is our national day, and after that we have our final exams. This tradition is called “RUSS” and what you do is basically celebrating the last days before you become a “grown up” and have to be responsible. So in these 17 days we do a LOT of silly things. We have a list of things that we can chose to do and it is for many about trying to do as many as they can of these. For each thing you do you get a small thing symbolizing the things you did tied into a string in the hat we are wearing or supposed to wear. So it is really just fun and for us because of IB a nice funny break between studying and exams (at home it is more a full time almost only this kind of thing).


We want to invite ALL second years to join us in doing this tradition. We will have an initiation into it on SATURDAY at 5 pm on the POOL LAWN. What this means is that you guys come to the pool lawn and you all have to do a very silly thing and after that you get a string (ebullient to the one in our hat) which you can wear around your neck, and for each of the things on the list you do you will get to tie something into it.

We really hope you join, it is a really big thing at home (even our parents did it when they graduated high school) and it would be really nice for us to have someone to shear it with J

Love from the Norwegians! <3

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