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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Exploration Society

The newly formed Exploration Society has split into two separate segments, an official off / on campus and a student initiative.

ExCore (on campus community project) is a project whereby: 
  • Students will have the opportunity of obtaining the Mountain Leadership Award
  • The core group will facilitate community based expeditions of various sizes (ie from ½ day hikes to multi day expeditions). Offering a service to ‘ExMore’, other community Trivenis and the extended community here on campus   
  • To support extended weekends,  project week, holidays and orientation week initiatives 
  • To arrange story nights, film nights and support the exploration operation in general 
  • Teaching of mountain leadership will eventually emerge as competence as the area grows 
ExMore (student initiative) 
  • Overnight treks
  • Multi day expedition (at least one night!) 
  • A single module from the Mountain Leadership Award (MLA) ..  Members still have the opportunity to gain the full award if they wish!
  • Single day hike / Micro expedition

Parikshit & Paresh

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