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Monday, November 28, 2011

Karanjit - India Class of 2012

Favourite quote: "If you aren't busy being born, then you are busy dying.- Bob Dylan"

Hobbies: Music, song writing, photography, reading stories, photography books, opinions and personal blogs

Languages: Punjabi, English, Hindi

Why did you choose UWC Mahindra College: I chose this college because relative to other schools in general I felt that I could interact more with the local community which would in turn bring out changes in me. I wasn’t looking for bookish knowledge, I was looking for an experience that would help me see India in a different light through community engagement and contact with other international students.

What do you like best about your College: The people for sure! Whenever you pass by anyone here you smile and say hi and it feels really good to live in a community where you know everyone like a family member even if they are not necessarily close friends. I especially enjoy late evening talks with the wada parent and friends, these are the things I really like about this place; getting to know more about them and their lives.

What were your most challenging moments in UWC Mahindra College: I am very occupied with a lot of activities so sometimes it’s really a huge workload but I am preparing myself for the future through multi tasking and I feel its important to come to terms with pressure at an early age. Because it’s a close knit community and also because I’m a teenager you have these mood swings, so it’s a challenge to remain even tempered and to control your emotions. Conflict management!

What are your hopes for your future: I really want to work as a photo journalist because I like interacting with people, knowing about their lives, travelling and photographing cities and recording what they mean to me personally. This is what I want to do in the next year or so; to photograph events, people and portraits. Eventually I would like to become a war photographer to be able to document the emotions of being in a place where you know you can die at any moment.

What is your wish for the future of the college: I feel that the college is really trying to change in order to look better but I feel it is changing to become like any other school. With more and more stress on academics rather than community engagement, I hope that MUWCI wont change. What makes MUWCI are the people, the villages out there and the interaction between the two.

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  1. hii...i hope you are the same person whom i saw in some video titled something related to valentine's day,i watched it on muwci tv,i really like the above post..heyy i am selected for the interview this year,i am dying to be at muwci,yet tensed for the interview.....so hope to meet you guys there