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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Student Profile

Yaniv Israel Class of 2012

Favourite quote: "Eat everything on your plate." my grandmother

Hobbies: Swimming, hiking, cooking, gardening, reading, hanging out with my friends.

Languages: Hebrew, English and a little Arabic.

Why did you choose UWC Mahindra College: I wanted to be in a learning environment made up of different cultures and experience life in India.

What do you like best about Mahindra College: There is such a variety of people with different ideas and points of view here. I particularly like the fact that i can speak with people on a deep level about so many different things and learn a lot about their countries and cultures so my objective of coming to Mahindra College was met. Living in India is giving me an opportunity to travel with my friends and learn how to be responsible at such a young age. I also love the beautiful campus.

In Israel I used to swim all the time, about 9 times a week, so I was always in the pool. When I came here I learn't that I can do other things and that is much more fun for me. I feel I can express myself better and I get lots of satisfaction from my interaction with others instead of being all the time in the pool.

What were your most challenging moments in Mahindra College: Being away from my family and friends is difficult. I miss the food at home and studying in English is really challenging and difficult.

What are your hopes for your future: First of all I will have to go back to Israel and serve in the army for 3 years as part of my national service. After that I am very interested to study landscape gardening in one of the universities that combine this course with Environmental Studies either in the US or in Israel.

What is your wish for the future of Mahindra College: I hope that Mahindra College will become more self sustainable, waste less and recycle more. The buildings could be more ecological to save electricity and the water could be harvested to save water. The gardeners could also use more ecological methods like permaculture. In the community I would like to see more interaction between the faculty and students with the local staff.

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