UWC Mahindra College monthly newsletter

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Note from the Editor

In an attempt to better inform our parent community of events and happenings on campus, this newsletter is intended to provide a monthly selection of articles and information written by faculty and students on events that have occurred during the month. Although the main intention is to keep you up to date on the large variety of exciting events, articles on subjects of interest may also be included as well as clips / links to external articles that provoke, inform, amuse or entertain.

If you have something to say, or a clip you would like to share, then please submit your article or links to me and I will try to ensure inclusion. The link to the newsletter will be emailed out at the end of each month to staff, students, parents, national committees, board members and eventually alumni once we can get a reliable mailing list put together.

I look forward to having a close collaboration with you all and to providing an easy means for all of the UWC community to see what is going on in this isolated campus somewhere near Pune in Maharashtra.

Penny Fidler

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